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    Hollytoons is the highly anticipated emergence of creativity, animation and you, the public. We have convinced some of the best screen writers who have written for Hollywood and brought them here for what we believe will be the birth of a company that will ravel the genesis of Walt Disney.

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  • v'empire records

    Vampire Records, the first major release of Holly toons is Empire meets Dracula and what results is a never experienced before extravaganza. A mesh of old time TV variety shows with current hip hop themes. Vampire Records will revolutionize TV as we know it today.

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  • Lil'White boy Mike

    The Main Frame Game is the story of a billion year old virus that attacks this solar system and like any computerized system, the people on all the planets begin to malfunction all affected by the virus. And as murder rape political corruption explodes everywhere a group of Virus removal experts descend to earth to search for, capture and remove the virus before its too late.

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  • ISA Expedition 1 '1963'

    Dormitory II is the 50 near old story of a children uprising in Ukraine that puts forth right vs wrong, Good vs Evil and leadership versus Dictatorship. It stars a 5 year old American girl empowers a group of kids not for the right to be free but the right to say that they exist.

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We are a collction of wirters and animation artist who decided we wanted toi recreate Disney but with a modern twist. Whats the Twist? Keep reading.


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the seven minute history of the Universe(7 Minute short story)

"the main frame game" (Proposed Major Motion picture)